Spotlight: Jamila Davis



Interview with Jamila Davis:

My ideal clients are: 

Businesses that are interested in doing business with the county government and/or obtain their MWSBE certifications. 
I’m able to help them: 
Understand the requirements and process of bidding on county contracts.
Business owners should contact me:
To learn about our MWSBE program and the qualifications to get certified to bid on county contracts. 
Your vision for success: 
Success comes in various forms. But in government contracting it includes obtaining the appropriate certifications, seeking the proper information, and connecting with the right resources that will help you get certified so you can successfully bid on and win contracts with the County. 
Tips for success: 

Be patient with the process while being persistent. Stay motivated and encouraged, and always help someone else through the journey.



Jamila Davis
MWSBE Program Manager
Mecklenburg County – Office of Economic Development