Spotlight: Mark Stewart


Interview with Mark Stewart:

My ideal clients are
People who are seeking assistance with starting a business or small business owners who are seeking assistance with their existing businesses. I help them navigate resources and teach them how to use the wide variety of business tools available for entrepreneurs. 

I’m able to help them

Find business and funding sources

  • Start a business in NC
  • Prepare for funding
  • Find contracting opportunities
  • Get certified
  • Find military/veteran business services
  • Relocate their businesses
  • Train their workforces
  • Create a business plan/strategic plan
  • Register as a vendor
  • Incorporate their businesses in NC
  • Create marketing plans
  • Find business workshops/seminars
  • Obtain insurance
  • Determine their legal structures
  • Conduct market research
  • Understand QuickBooks
  • Maintain taxes and bookkeeping
  • Understand the requirements and process of bidding on county contracts

Business owners should contact me:
If they want to start or grow their businesses. They’ll receive customized consultation and guidance to access resources in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, and North Carolina as well as expert advice on a variety of business topics.

I know that operating a small business can be difficult. Owners have a multitude of questions and are faced with decisions they have to make about their companies. As a solution go-getter, Mecklenburg County is committed to your success by providing resources and direction for your business challenges.

Your vision for success: 
In relation to SBC’s partnership, we’ve assisted a total of 12,413 clients since our program started in January 2018. We’ve also helped 5,756 for-profit companies and 298 nonprofits get started.

Tips for success
Complete a business plan, along with a strategic plan, that will activate the business into daily action steps so can you meet your set benchmarks. Also, be patient with the process while being persistent. Stay motivated and encouraged, and always help someone else through the journey.


Jamila Davis
Program Manager for Small Business Programs
Mecklenburg County – Office of Economic Development