Spotlight: Sam Montañez, Jr.


Interview with Sam Montañez, Jr.

My ideal clients are
Any Minority, Women, Small Business Enterprise (MWSBE) looking to do business with the City of Charlotte.

I am able to help them to facilitate the certification process and navigate the City’s procurement system

Business owners should contact me if they want help getting certified, managing the City’s procurement process, and taking advantage of communication, education, and outreach efforts shared by the City.

Recent Success Story: 
We recently had a catering company (MTC Catering) that was new to doing business with the City of Charlotte. In a three-month period, we were able to get that company certified with the City, and hired them to be the primary caterer for our Crowns of Enterprise event, which celebrates MWSBEs of the year.

My Tip for success
“Top of mind is proof of the grind” means you must stay active in reaching out to city staff to inquire about opportunities that may be available for your small business.