How to make your website more attractive for contracting opportunities

Your business website is the most important marketing tool when it comes to communicating what you do and showcasing your core capabilities.


Savvy companies seeking contracting opportunities constantly update their websites with content that is procurement-focused because it keeps them top-of-mind and relevant in the marketplace. So how do you create this type of information?

To shed some light on the topic, here are some suggestions on how to make your website more attractive to prime contractors:

Speak directly to your audience

Your current website is most likely designed for a general audience that has never heard of a NAICS code. When procurement professionals visit your webpage, it doesn’t engage them. Create a landing page that contains specific language used in the contracting sector. Past performance, company data, and your capability statement are just a few key elements of content that should be included. Then consider adding multiple landing pages that allow you to target specific agencies or prime contractors. Creating an attractive landing page is simple. You can view this landing page tutorial as well as this video tutorial for assistance.

Address WIIFM immediately

“What’s In It For Me?” or WIIFM is the burning question in every decision-maker’s mind. Adjusting your website’s content so that it clearly states what you do and how you can solve their problem is huge. In fact, you have roughly five seconds to convey this or risk losing the visitor’s attention and possibly a great opportunity. For instance, a typical website may contain generic statements such as “Acme, Inc. is committed to customer service and we pride ourselves in excellence.” Although it sounds “professional,” it doesn’t address any pain points the visitor may be experiencing. Also, quality customer service and excellence are expected rather than being considered differentiators. A better description would be: “Acme, Inc. is a trusted, certified minority-owned firm that specializes in complex construction project management.” Read this article to get a better understanding of how to properly address WIIFM.

Showcase Past Performance

Demonstrate your value by showcasing successfully completed projects that solved problems for your clients. Describe your process of evaluating, understanding, and solving the issue for which you were hired. Highlight any graphics, videos, or copy that would be impactful or impressive. Include client testimonials so that you have the “social proof” that decision-makers find important, and present case studies that show how you approached and solved their pain point. If you need assistance in creating your case study, here is a great resource.

Learning how to make your website more attractive for contracting opportunities is quite easy. It just takes a bit of tweaking of your content and adding specific language that speaks directly to procurement officers. Putting these suggestions into practice will optimize your website so that it is more likely to grab the attention of a prime contractor and hopefully move you one step closer to getting that contract.